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1. Feels Like Christmas

Everyday goes by like the day before; 24 hours and 52 more; There’s one day when your spirits will lift; Were almost to December 25th; Oh; It feels like Christmas (everywhere); It’s Celebration time; ...

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2. Fun, Fun, Fun

Well, she got her daddy's car and she cruised through the hamburger stand now. Seems she forgot all about the library like she told her old man now. And with the radio blastin', goes cruisin' just as ...

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3. I Can do Anything

A brand new morning has just begun, I walk outside and I touch the sun. I can't wait to start the day today. There may be blocks on the road ahead, But I'll just go right 'round instead. I won't let a...

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4. I Won't Cry

You got up and left again; wouldn't listen now, wouldn't listen then; When I'm gone you'll realize; Should've thought before you told your lies; You still think it's ok; But you're too hard for me to ...

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5. Just What I Needed

don't mind you comin' here, And wastin' all my time. 'Cause when you're standin' oh, so near, I kinda lose my mind, (mind, mind.); It's not the perfume that you wear, It's not the ribbons in your hair...

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6. Reach

Sometimes it seems like you're falling; Falling out of the sky; Sometimes it feels like you're slipping; And running out of time; And that's when you've gotta throw it all away; All of the things that...

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