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1. A Whole New World

(Caleb Kane); I can show you the world; Shining, shimmering, splendid; Tell me, princess, now when did; You last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes; Take you wonder by wonder; Over, sideways ...

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2. Gadfly

Come away, my love; I don't want you touching everything; Everyone's so clean, everyone but you; I want him standing still; Want him but I know he never will hold him down; And in the yard it's rainin...

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3. Go Mad

Caleb Kane - Go mad; Hunted inside my days unfold; Open up take my thought; You just roll 'em around; When you come down; Tell me where, why, when, how; This time I woke up on my back again; Staring u...

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4. In Your Own Way

Tear out your hair if you can’t bare anymore; It’s the same as yesterday it stays around; Locks the door; See, now here is the fear; That you live with every year; And you wonder if you’ll make it out...

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5. Longer

Everyone comes down on me; When I throw it out at the world; Coming out trapped when I'm thinking I; Don't really wanna know what's going down; Everyone comes down on my head; Everyone will go away 't...

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6. Once

You change in front of me; Your eyes get darker every day; It happens quietly; Your focus slowly burns away; And if you let me hear; The things you seem to wanna say; Though I am late; I will wait to ...

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7. One Jump Ahead

[Aladdin:] Gotta keep; One jump ahead of the breadline; One swing ahead of the sword; I steal only what I can't afford; ( That's Everything! ); One jump ahead of the lawmen; That's all, and that's no ...

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8. Out There

Someday I hope to say I tried everything I could; I’m not sure I won the war, but you never fought so good; Should I take a longer view? Should I take my time and follow through? It’s all I can do to ...

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9. This Close

These swollen faces, appear below. From cold, dark places, I'm scared to go. They have no secrets, they tell no lies. They trade them weakness, I've seen their eyes. ; Someday I'll, need to stand, tal...

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10. We Could Be In Love

(verse 1); [Lea Salonga]; Be still my heart; Lately its mind is on its own; It would go far and wide; Just to be near you; [Brad (Caleb) Kane]; Even the stars; Shine a bit bright I've noticed; When yo...

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