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1. Blood And Tears

You know me all too well, it seems; You've solved the labyrinth of my mind; Simply defied me like a child; Misguided me like I was blind; It is my fault I let you in; Although it seems like you're to ...

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2. Break Me Even

Its hard to clean the blood of the dead; Its hard to escape the fear in your head; But you know what; I can retreat; I will not slaughter my dreams inside; I will triumph over better times; Grief and ...

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3. Forgotten Fire

And you'll wake up to find that an angel has... ; Stabbed you in the back; Riddled you with lies; Took away your peace; Silenced all your cries; Torn apart your mind; Rectified your pain; Parylized yo...

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4. Good Things Come Of Tragedy

We both kept crashing down; Free falling to despair; But before we drew our guns; We had realized what was there; It takes war to finally see; Just the things we could've made; But it only took a day;...

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5. Nuclear Winter

And you never seemed to notice; That your life is just a flash; But you'll finally get to realize; Right before it turns to ash; Just wait; Sit around alone while you contemplate; Our fate; That is be...

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6. Quit Foolin' Yourself

I just love the way; The way you make them feel so bad; And it pains me how; Sympathy makes you so glad; Surely we all forgot of that one little knot; Or that obvious seam that shows truth as it gleam...

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7. Requiem

If you look closely at my tears; You'll see they're spelling out your name; And my blood will paint your portrait; Held inside a broken frame; A weeping, just a melody; Sings the tune of my defeat; Th...

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8. Untitled

Breathing deeply; Wasting no time; As he watches; Temper will climb; Ashes made of; Past emotions; Deepening his; Evil notions; Walls of brimstone shelter this beast; Here he'll suffer, to say the lea...

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