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1. 12

Yeah, yeah, oh; Yeah, oh; Jtk; Yeah, yeah, oh; Hey, hey; I know lil' shawty tell me lies, she don’t love me (She don't love me); I might just pour another line, I'm fast asleep (I’m fast asleep); Stay...

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2. Adam & Eve

Darling, darling, darling; Die without my darling, yeah; Ayy, darling, yeah, hey, hey; Darling, you know you my darling; Even though I be workin', baby, I can't see you often; And she gorgeous, drop d...

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3. Brand New (Ft. King Von)

Ayy, ayy; Ayy, ayy, yeah; Put him in a grave in a brand new spot, uh; Yeah, gang; T'd up, T'd up; I rock the show and then we up; Trap in the mornin', gotta re-up; Tweak with the gang, get beat up; Li...

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4. Caroline

Tk; Boy, you in these, ayyboy, you in these streets; better look left and right (Left and right); 'Cause them niggas out here killin'; they'll take your life (Take your life); He killed him, now he ou...

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5. Chariot

P-P-Papamitrou, boy; Fresh out the trap and they know how I carry iti fell in love with the game and I married it; Two hundred thou' for the walk on a Saturday; I threw the wrap on the Phantom, it's m...

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6. Dear Santa

Ayee Santa, Dax again; I hope you're not gonna ignore my calls again this year; I'm sorry about what happened last year I'm just really, really passionate about Christmas and; And you were being a Gri...

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7. Envy Me

Now I lay; Down to sleep; I pray the Lord, my soul to keep (yeah) Like a locksmith, I got the keys (yeah); Pull up make opp niggas bleed (aye); I got water like overseas, yeah (aye); Bitch, I ball lik...

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8. Love Me

Told my bitch I cannot stay over (I can't stay over); I been trappin', got this weight on me (Got this weight on me); I need time for fixin', can you wait on me? (Can you wait on me?); Stay one hundre...

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9. Nina

Hey, yeah; What up, Super? What up, Super? Woah, hey, oh; Hey, hey; Think I fell in love with Nina; I been lookin' for my baby, have you seen her? (Can you tell me, have you seen her?); I know niggas ...

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10. Purpose (Ft. G Herbo)

I found my purpose; Niggas know I'm in first place; Niggas broke, can't get no bread, that boy a bird brain; Niggas dissin' me, might catch him in the worst way; Kash, turn me up a little bit; Niggas ...

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11. Swing

Ah-ah, ah, ah, ah; Ah, ah, ah, ah (Yeah); Jtk; Ah, ah (Oh yeah); Yeah; I know things are gonna take some time (Take some time); And I dream all through the night (All through the night); I saw things,...

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