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1. Carefree

Something's got to be done about the way I seem to act; You haven't followed through on our little pact; But I abide by all the rules, and I think you knew I would; But now its come the time to change...

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2. Dreaming Clouds

As I return to my placement on the floor; The ceiling never looked so bright; The calls are ringing violently; And I wonder where did the spark go? The distance never said a thing; Only clarified my f...

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3. Flawed

Why when I jump do I fall? And why does the green move on its side? When will the dark come again? And why in the first place does it come at all? I dont need the sky on my side its okay but its flawe...

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4. New Home

Flying through the sky and i dont care where i am headed; Cause its not my fault again; Where do you end up if youre thrown twenty feet from hell now; Is it far from heaven? When does the ground meet ...

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5. Where The Waves

I wake up to the sunrise; I cant help but feel alright; I stroll out and I feel the warm air; A gust blows and I feel it in my hair; Chorus:; And when I listen, I can hear the waves crashing down; And...

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