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1. Astronaut

I hold faith; You, you drift in space; Alone; Crossing the big black sky; And a girl could go to rot; Married to an astronaut; But I'm gonna watch and wait; For you to return some day; As you breathe ...

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2. Document

I use my desk; Penmanship; I hold my hand steady; And make sure that it doesn't slip; 'Cause I am here; To document; To get it right; And to bear witness; I drive alone these days; Everybody has gone ...

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3. Flicker

Christmas lights hung up outside; Middle of the day; Middle of July; Don't ask me why; 'Cause holidays are best that way; In time you please; Hang up lights on ceiling fans; And hang them up on trees;...

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4. Horse & Carriage

Everybody's got big plans; For you; And everybody's tellin' you; What to do; It's makin' me nervous; It's makin' me nervous too; How 'bout you rely on me; And I'll rely on you; And then we can wait un...

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5. Lovey

all you wanted was for all of your friends to circle around where you lay; and watch your rocket’s red glare; hear the girls at the top of the stairs, i think they’re calling your name yeah i’m pretty...

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6. More Sad Robots

A tape recorder, a length of rope; Lack of focus, shred of hope; A piece of thread is all that holds; This ship together; In this room you lost your heart; Document and catalogue; Think of how the pas...

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7. New Machine

Babe in the woods in those days; Over & over, still, You learn a lot that way; So i’ll remain right here; The clouds go as they will; Something has got to give, it might as well be me; Me and my new m...

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8. Porch

no more questions; it’s too early for that yet; find some sunglasses and; claim a nice spot on the porch; and there we’ll wait for dawn to come because it comes for everyone; the night was too long; l...

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9. Repulsion

I'm knocked up; And I'm alone; Experiments happen; When you're not at home; And you should see in me; Dressed up in my nighty; If you could see me, You'd say I don't look alright; This is repulsion (o...

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10. Sealab 2021 Theme

If your looking for me; You better check under the sea; Cause that is where you'll find me; Underneath the; Sealab, Underneath the water; Sealab, At the bottom of the sea

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11. The Acident

do you remember the way? does it mean anything to you at all? if the voices, they say something; you thought you had it before; but i can promise you this; there's only way it can go; stick with me if...

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12. The Truth About You

a backwards glance in a borrowed dress; the taste of something imprecise; what’s the story there? what’d you want to go there for? what did you think you’d find? what do you think you’ll find without ...

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13. These Days

ottamwa heights is just a name; council bluffs, i never been; a fire came and burned away; the only thing she'd have liked to save; do you remember? do you recall? anything at all; about her; eventual...

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14. Trampoline

we've been locked out again; i'll be the indian, and you be the cowboy; we'll terrorize the girls walking home from school in their uniforms; i wore a yellow skirt, covered with stains and dirt; just ...

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