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1. Broken

I'm happy; So happy it seems; In my mind; I can fake it; I fake everything; Drifting, drowning, slipping away from myself; Everyday I misplace me; Where do I fit in; What's my role in this world; When...

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2. Even If It Kills Me

Walking down; This boulevard of the emptiness; Lights go out and i fall; Black and blue; I should give it all up; But i keep coming back for more; Even if it kills me; I'll find the way to you; Cause ...

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3. Never Be Over

So,you think that this is it; You tell me you've got nothing left to say; So go, get you another girl; But you mess up in corner by my name; With just yourself to blame; No ever, never be over; No mat...

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4. Shut Up

When you walk into a room everbody knows; Cause you're always putting on show. I don't know why you have to be so loud; Just chill out yeah yeah. ; You always have to make everybody stare; We roll our...

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5. Standed

Can't hear any voices; No matter who's talking; Can't find no way out; Wherever I'm walking; It's hard to be around anybody else; It's even harder to be around myself; Too much pressure; I don't want ...

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