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1. Finding Feelings

Do you recall the way I; I used to practice what I; Believed but now I'm falling down; It crept up on my while I; Was sleeping softly, surprise; Gravity took a hold of me; I know it's time to wake up;...

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2. Genaration

Children of every shape and size; Cutt your hair and work them thighs; Boys work hard to make the cash; Girls play dumb and shake that ass; As you are youre not enough; So If youre weak play it tough;...

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3. Imperfect Is The New Perfect

Compare the way my body; Looks to the magazine; Don't know why everybody's; Buying into the scene; So i'm gonna drive; Down the boulevard; Not caring who has the fastest car; Tone down the make-up and...

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4. Still Have My Heart

I left the letter at your door; I light your cigarette just once more; 'Cause now I said what I needed; I left your suitcase in your hallway; Dried up flowers down the driveway; But then I walked back...

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