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1. A Night To Forget

When lights go down lets have another round; Come here my love, help me to search for my crown; A king of fools, I'm breaking all the rules; A drunken parody, I can't see the irony; This is my dynasty...

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2. Antemortem

There's beauty in pain that paints every day; With colours that stay and won't fade away; In wounds that won't heal, in nightmares too real; They tell us that we can still feel; In fire we're forged a...

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3. Child Of The Wild

I've always been here underneath the stars; Underneath the snow white moon; I have no place to call my own; And my future is unknown; This is my journey, I must walk alone; Solitude will be my home; D...

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4. Constellation Of Tears

I will write a tale that is only mine; On the page the words entwine; My creation of beauty and of passion; Mortal heart now writing immortal love; Everything I'm dreaming of; I will fashion a goddess...

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5. Dawn Of Solace

Call me when the fire, From the preacher's burning. Guilt's in your eyes, And you need someone to take the blame, Once more, like you've done before. ; So when you need a scape goat, Just place the bl...

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6. Elegantly Broken

Silence is broken. Empty words are licking, The layers of sin, From our skin. ; We realise happy endings, And not for everyone. They're not for us. ; Break of dawn, Let us lay down our arms. In the en...

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7. Gather The Faithful


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8. I Will Build You a Rome

A word or a touch; All I need I'm not asking for much; Take my hand, I will follow you home; With these hand I will build you a rome; Where they will never find us; No need to be scared; I do not care...

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9. Into The Blue

Once long ago I was young and naive; I dared to hope and I dared to dream; Once long ago lights were brighter for me; this world was mine to keep; I traveled so far defying the dawn; just to see where...

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10. More Than Friends

We're more than friends; We are like lovers; Two souls in one; Forever entwined; I feel with your skin; You live off my heart's beat; Warm me within; While tending my wound; Miles still divide; The di...

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11. Morpheus In A Masquerade

One more night, One more before I shall whither and die. Grant me just one more life. One more I'm needed to make this thing right. ; The more that I gave, The less I received. It's all for them, And ...

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12. My Heart Beats For no One

Once again I'm in too deep; Once again there is no sleep; Underneath these scarlit skies; Where you and me are but a stillborn dream; And if there'll be a brand new dawn; Can you tell me; Where is my ...

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13. My Queen Of Winter

When the darkness has grown strong, And the nights they feel so long. Like the sun has slept too long just waiting, winter's waining. ; Blow out the candle and unleash the night, Open the door, let th...

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14. Oceans Of Regret

Twisted sense of irony; In the way a ghost of lack of sympathy; has turned me so hopeless, so heartless; Guess Since heaven ain't open for me tonight; I'll pray for the last time; For you and for me a...

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15. On the Shore

I know "forever" is asking too much; But what if this moment is all that we've got; What if the morning will leave us so frail; Leave us alone to face another day; I'm trying so hard but it's never en...

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16. Rising Sun

You always tried so hard to hide; All the pain you held inside; A little piece of heaven; Faded, tainted memory; You always smiled and played your part; A jaded soul and hardened heart; Like a child y...

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17. Stolen Waters

My lady of pain, Always come without a warning. And tear a little heart apart. ; Every mistake, and every tear, Thats set on falling. Each and every one wears my name. ; Don't place your hopes on me, ...

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18. Stormcrow

You're doing what you know so well; Your pleasure and pain; They are all on domain; When it rains; It be raining for me; Anyone can see; It's not hard to see; I dictate a page; Life is a cage; We will...

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19. Tale Untold

Share a tale with me, Our days that would come, And all that was meant to be, Down the isle you'd walk to meet me. ; Your snow-white veil was stained in red. I'd give up my love, the first day, the re...

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20. The Best of Times

I used to sit him outside; We would laugh and talk for hours; While he taught this little boy; What it means to be a man, a father; Given to me, given to me; A burden to bear, a crown to wear; A pain ...

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21. Thorn In My Side

I did not hear the warning, I did not see the signs. You're the master of illusion, You're the devil in disguise. ; Temptress in lace and leather, You make me loose control. One sinful night, And I ju...

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22. Too Tired To Run

There was a time when; I could make your bright eyes gleam; Now smiles upon your face are few and far between; We were so young, naive and blind in all our pride; To see the warning, the turning of th...

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