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1. By My Oath (Bound to Darkness)

Wandering through my infinite stronghold; Floating through emptiness, so cold; The fog thickened; Infinite sorrow; The glimmer draws to an end; May my will be done; By the knowledge of the abysmal spa...

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2. Deep Hollow

In the olden times, a hatred lurked in the dust; The blood of this somber day came from afar; When the nights were filled with songs and torches; Soon a noxious birth began! Spread the awestruck word,...

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3. Edge of Ziggurat

Rules and laws, the true and last decay of this world; Through pain, the past and the future will die; The choice of one, the last brim to reach your perdition; Only the blood of death will be for you...

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4. Forsaken

When the wind blew from the north, it foretold anient battles; Birth of a forgotten land, where duuran sleeps; On the old grounds, the shade is careful; The torment which forsook mortals will soon ari...

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5. Heroes Of Old

Black, are the dreams from elsewhere; Those who tell the stories of yore! When the world was in an another age; Mankind has seen the change coming! Come by several, flying down to earth, fear has been...

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6. Masticatione Mortuorum

Hide this face; We have lost our trace; Psychological misery, anymore; The search of beings to perceive a code; Can't escape from this pitiful hate; Vultures of chaos flew to human dust; Hatred by a r...

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7. The Advent

I have been in the past, the journey was long; Ancient power in your arms, from a far aeon; All your existence has been the search of thee; Thus the depths of your heart have been revealed; Through ti...

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