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1. Don't you forget

I'm sleeping alone tonight; Got something bright on; it's tight, it's tight; Won't play any games with me; the world leaves me beat tonight, oh; This moment is so short; it won't come around anymore; ...

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2. Fall Asleep Slow

You take mints for the pain; To daily control games; You go out, you already go; You stand in the backgrounds; And hold on to 4000 people you don't really know; They tell you it's alright; You're feel...

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3. Lay Low

Being I said you'd lay low; Being you said you'd stay; So I called in late; Leaving ourselves to bet on; Putting my cards to play; So I called fate; Leave a line, you'll be fine; Why don't you lay low...

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4. Runaways

I've seen all I wanted to say; And I'm green, but I've seen all the days inside; I'm breathing in dust, yeah, I'm breathing in dust; Feels like night when I start the day; I can sleep, but I wanted to...

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5. Warm Body

I see her eyes on the train; She says "baby, there's no one to blame"; I got a pocket full of money, but it's driving me a insane; Said "I just need some spare change"; Give me all your heartaches and...

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