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1. Ball And Chain

Where were you when times were tough; Where were you when I'd had enough; Were you there when I was down; I was there and I saw you frown; I was there when you were sad; And every little thing made yo...

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2. Dave's Song (in Slow Motion)

Not quite going in reverse; Lasso down the universe; What you think of me is strange; Try too hard I'll never change; Dont you push me around; Or I'm gonna drag you down; Think that you can treat me l...

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3. Far Away

Guess we're back, and this is how we'll start it; Back on track and we will never lose it; We won't wait, this is how it's gonna be; So sit down, you weren't paying attention; Feet on ground, this is ...

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4. Hymne à La Mort

Les anges volent au plafond de mon apartement, Je n'sais pas s'ils me protègent ou me disent "Vient en", ; Et mon coeur est dans tes mains, Tandis que mon corps est dans un bain, Que la lame de rasoir...

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5. Kau Yang Tlah Pergi

Kau yang tlah pergi; Saat-saat terakhir; Ku teringat dengan mu; Yang terbayang kini; Dalam genggaman tanganmu; Dalam dekapan tubuhmu; Kurasakan saat-saat bersamamu; Hanya tangis diri; Tak tertahankan;...

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6. Letter To The Embassy

(MERT MORTON AKSUNA,OZGUR ERSIN,CEM ERGIN,CAN MISIRLIOGLU); Excuse me sir; I had a wonderful life; excuse me sir; nothing ever went wrong; excuse me sir; was my life fun to ruin; excuse me sir; think ...

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7. Maafkan Aku Lupakan Aku

Jika lama kau diam; tak terucapkan kata; habiskan waktu; esok haruskah diam; seharusnya kau bicara; tak ada kata terlepas; hari terus berganti; hari takkan ada lagi; biarkan ini; walau hanya menangis;...

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8. Moment For Life

(MERT MORTON AKSUNA,OZGUR ERSIN,CEM ERGIN,CAN MISIRLIOGLU); Just opened my eyes; to see what's left; and what is not; everything's in pieces; or that's what I think I see; something's dripping down my...

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9. No Girls, No Problem

All this porn's distracting me; Trying to drive but all I see; Is 1-800 I'm a man and I'm a woman too; I found it in an old backpack; Tons and Tons I found a stack; Of pages that I could not pull apar...

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10. One Way

I wanna live my way, dont say its the wrong way, but its mine. just to become something, to become someone this time. ; [chorus]; now theres one way to say; we never wanted anything; but now there's o...

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11. Ponies And Piercings

Now let me tell you 'bout a friend of mine; Well he came into town on a long wide pony; And he road into town; And he thought he could make a dime; By working at the local mac's milk; So he went on do...

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12. Potato

Can you find a home; In these cold eyes; I can't see the walls; Through all the flies; I don't have time; To feel the pain; Why should I feel? I can't complain; Why should I care; What you get paid; J...

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13. Promulgate

An elf is mowing the lawn; And a duck is quacking; Pachyderms are really just fish; Number fives are laughing; Mullets grow beyond your lungs; Chicken fetus' don't rupture; When I send you into space;...

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14. Reminisce

Intro/Chorus: Le-Le, (Caffeine); Hahahahah, c'mon, uhh; Reminisce, reminisce with me (Grimey); Come go with me (So much shit in this ghetto); so you can see the way that things they used to be; (Grime...

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15. Thanks To Them

Maybe it's Karma; Maybe it's God who speaks; Changing my weather; And making me weep; I've conquered addictions; I do not lie; Leaving me wide open; I guess to be surprised; ; And I know that it's tru...

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16. The C Song

I don't want to remember; What happened way back when; And I dont really care about; What's said on CNN; They fill our heads; With all this bad news; From day to day; It doesn't really matter what the...

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