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1. A Borderline Case

Your sin; My sin; Today we die; But tomorrow; Can be nice; Be alright; In the middle of the lasers; Of star’s eyes; What’s bothering you? Your bourgeois ways; Your daft selfish; Your mind; Afraid; No ...

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2. Just A Little Girl

Honey, what’s the color of your eyes? Baby, your smile is a light for me; Walk and dance, just so I can see; But I know, you’re not a woman; You’re just a girl; Tell me if you’ll come back; Into my li...

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3. My Head

This hard world; I’m jaded; A jigsaw; It’s burning; I’m jobless; So please, Pay attention around your head; Can’t you see? Love doesn’t exist here, anyhow; We are lost in our space; Look at the boy on...

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4. Old Feelings

She’s a bad girl; Calls me in the middle of the night; Just to remember; Old Feelings; She’s addicted to the life; Living in the world of lie; ; Never worried about the true; She never went to school;...

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5. Orbit

You never understand me; Try to hear me once again; This way ins't secure; Clouds will appear to you; Lost your own soul; Be yourself, my son; No, stop the journey; Before you fall down; Spend your mo...

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6. Your Pride

When I was alone; Your pride made me suffer till the bones; You were too cool; But I want to make you suffer too; I loved you too much, too much; But now, now; But baby; Still... ; Love me, from the o...

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