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1. Clones Of Industry

Profit in a way but who will have the advantage. The fairest solution is not the only solution. ; Creating a sick society. We are becoming machinery. Part of the assembly. Uniform body’s without a min...

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2. Need For Greed

Need for greed. Greed as - need. ; When the fear will change - into an orgasm of wealth. It becomes a lust for a bigger need. The need for greed. It’s for real when you see the bleeding. Greed as need...

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3. Pleasure Of Molestation

Conquest is my art! Some say, in God's ear. I'm yours 'til you find my noose. Your name, brought us here. To molest, this evil boy. ; Leprosy. God's own destiny. Their gathering. Brought you to me! At...

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4. Scorn

No more - will we – obey, obey your wish to kill. No more – victims - caused by, caused by your wordless plaque. Sod off - get out - my face, you fucking – stinking chunk. Exiled - you are, - your wor...

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