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1. A Town Like This

flowers dont know me like trees know wind and winds blows a breeze one way to snow; the flowers around; they're all around; [chorus]; I climbed a mountain that night; I peaked at sight of morning ligh...

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2. Bless My Heart

8 years old; Learnin' how to get up on my own; So many promises, but daddy never came; So momma put three more in this place; 17, time to put a little space between; Get me outta here; Loaded up my ca...

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3. Forget You

Youu... You; Must've been a long walk; How'd you make it across; The other side of the tracks? Then you ran into me; And you made me believe; I'm my own laugh; And everytime that we talk; It's like we...

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4. God Must've Spent

Can this be true tell me can this be real; How can I put into words what I feel; My life was complete I thought I was whole; Why do I feel like I'm losing control; Never thought that love could feel l...

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5. I'm Still Here

It's been too long; Since I've been home; I can't help but; bringin up a memory; of you and me; whoa; Once you opened up; and let me in your polaroid; couldn't wait to wake up; put on my makeup; and h...

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6. Like a Soldier

I don't know where you came from; But your road is where I'm walkin'; I can't hear what you're saying; But I like everything you're talkin'; Lalala Ladada dada; Tell me what you're thinking; And make ...

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7. Love Actually

Storms are coming. Rain is pouring. Clouds are rolling, hanging over me. Feels like I don't know anything. I'm a loser; In a losing game. ; Trampled over same old movie scene. Why is all this happenin...

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8. One In The Same

One foot in my grave; I was fit to be tied; Took a look at my life; Why am I so afraid? Then you said my name; And I was yours from that time; You put your hand in mine; I'll tell you what im gonna do...

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9. Real With Me

I'll never catch a shooting star; or call you out on who you really are; I know I'm not the one you wanna win; It's a losin game; so I'm losin it; and I'm surprised we got this far; With that barricad...

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10. The Life Of A Pirate

It's not easy to be this complicated; Cause I lose my way, I change my mind; and I'm more recently jaded; or I'll be indecisive, and always end up choosing; the wrong thing; but I can guarantee you'll...

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11. This Little Girl (murder)

You got your keys, but where you going? The third degree just isn't working; 'Cause you walked out without asking me to go; And if I followed you home, would you be alone? I checked your phone, 'cause...

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12. Ugly

You said it right, you did it wrong; That's why we never get along; I can't believe I let you in; If lies were money, boy you'd spend; You've got your reasons, I don't get them; But for you somehow it...

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13. We're the sh!t

You know we're so alone wherever we go; You know we don't fit in, we'll never fit in; You know we fly at risk, yeah, we're flying at risk; Hey, 'cause we're the shit, we're the shit, we're the shit; S...

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