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1. Locked

Breathing hard; Cause I'm alone; I see you; Through my bones; I can't sleep; Anymore; 'Cause you don't have the same effect; As before; All my feelings; My whole body is down; Lost in you; Lost in eve...

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2. Reborn

Starting from the zero; Forgetting all the pain; You know, again; Walking to new places; And feeding my mind; Just getting high; I lost my time; Trying to be fine; So now I feel; Like I need something...

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3. Rollercoaster

I can be your lover; Today; And if you want forever; I will stay; Cause I can change faster; Than time; Look into my eyes; Are you mine? All I want is just; Hold your hand; Feel your heart beating; If...

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4. See You Go

I left you in the street; where I gave you the last kiss; That day was so sweet; I felt that I was his; You were so kind to me; I was hypnotized with you; The two of us on that tree; It was good but I...

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