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1. Bible By The Bed

It's ten after two a.m. he's; Stumblin' in, drunk again tonight. By the way he slams the door; She knows, she's in for a fight. She raises her hands up to guard her face. Tries to remember those vows ...

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2. Born Lonesome

The wind blew cold on that mountain; On the night that I was made; Pale moonlight poured on that cabin; As the shadows dance to a hoot owl's serenade. ; When that fire burned down to ashes; Daddy star...

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3. Can't Trust The Weatherman

Her daddy hated his tattoos; but she was in love with a baby due; In September, early September. ; So they called the kinfolk, set up the bar; Threw some chairs out in the yard; And got a preacher, a ...

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4. Goodbye Story

Hey, lady, can I pour you something? Hate to say it, honey, you're a mess; I see that mascara running, looks like somebody up and left; Did he leave you for another woman, go out for cigarettes; Ten t...

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5. Homesick Angel

As pure as a kiss from the lips of god; A red rose bloomin out a canyon rock; Through a hole in the clouds she fell one day; And left her home on high so far away; From the day she came into this worl...

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6. Insomniac Blues For Matthew

Toothpick's in my eyelids lying wide awake in bed; Toss-in and turnin like the sea; Moonlight shinin in like headlights in my room; Hypnotized by the strips on my tv; Who I'd give anything; For just o...

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7. Manhã Motel

Another empty motel morning; In a town with no name; Cold coffee keeping me going; White light driving me sane; Dashboard painted with pictures; of loved ones I left behind; When I thought the highway...

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8. Never Been So Blue

The willows are weepin; The grass is bowed down; Coming down from the mountain; Drifts a high lonesome sound; Down in the valley sorrow runs deep; The river stands still as they lay him to sleep; (cho...

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9. Redbird

Redbird outside my window; Sings a sad and lonesome song; But his words won't have wings; When I find the strength to move on; Everyday the cut feels deeper; But I know that I'll survive; Cause my fai...

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10. U Stay Gone

Day after day I stare down this road; And this clock in my chest just ticks away; Night after night I go to bed alone; Oh, how long must I wait; Don't you know it ain't supposed to end this way; Oh, t...

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11. You Again

Just out on parole, a new man, saved soul; Ready to leave that life behind. Bus ride and a change of clothes, no job, dead broke, No one wants a man who's done time. I see someone left the keys in a f...

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