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1. Confide

If you won't confide what eats you up inside; you will die; This is a secret that's not yours to hold; Spit it out, watch it corrode the ground; the sidewalk a long molten stream; sulphurous stenching...

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2. Inventory

I need violent dying; I need quiet times; If you don't believe me as I slide in the sea; It doesn't matter much to me; I lie down and I float nowhere; I know why; because I lie; just hearing my mouth ...

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3. The Pope

I'm here where I want to be; Seven thousand miles from infinity; No one knows where I am. It's quiet here with me; I'm filling in the spaces where the killings used to; be; There's no phone; and no wa...

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4. The Sweater

Girls, I know you will understand this; and feel the intrinsic incredible emotion; You have just pulled over your head the worn, warm sweater belonging to a boy; Now, you haven't had a passionate kiss...

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