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1. Justified Slaughter

Justified Slaughter; Come to me, I'll offer you liberty; Release you from the pain of life; Intoxicated with your last breath; Pleasure to see your bloody guts; Nothing can stay in my way; Your warm b...

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2. Soul In A Coffin

Soul In A Coffin; Terror, arise in the darkness; Horror, is too much to bear; Rotten, a putrid carcass; Scream, but there's no one to hear; Blood fills your eyes; Maggots bite your flesh; You're burie...

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3. The Masked Killer

The Masked Killer; Standing tall and calm; Peacefully awaiting; For the next to come; Holding heavy axe; Do your job and die; I'll do mine and kill; Separate your head; It's my only will; Meet the exe...

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