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1. Butcher?

Butcher? Take little animal; Cut his throat; Empty his bowels; Dissect his meat; I am a butcher; I am a butcher; My father is a butcher; Compelled to kill; Why; My mind doesn’t accept; My blood in boi...

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2. Cadaveric Crematorium

I stink rotten flesh an hand is on my mouth; Blood saliva gastric acid penetrating on my ass; Trapped under flesh; Claustrophobia eredicates in blood; Putrefaction corpse; Opened eyes blind my mind as...

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3. Cerebral Linguefaction

Genetic alterations; Celestial parallelism; Chemical weapons; Hate hate; Human kind is upsetted by inespicable things; Their cerebral matter don’t allows to accept; People have changed their natural i...

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4. Consumed Flesh

Wild sharp blades open lips of flesh; Gush of scarlet blood and pour on the outside; Vital organs come out of the corpse; Now devoid of vital energy become flabby; On the ground coveredwith lots of wo...

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5. Emorragia

Con tutto il; Mio impegno tentavo; Di salvarlo; Ero spaventato ma eccitato; Convinto che; Il mio sforzo; Non fosse sufficiente; Non m’arresi comunque; Alla mia convinta inefficienza; E continuai nella...

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6. Hannibal Corpse

Hannibal corpse; I want to be buried; As shall the aborted; Babies it was my only law; Broken by that; Cannibal cops

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7. Incredible Hulk

Incredible hulk; Want you fife with me; Possibly , the rats; Will returning back; Incredible hulk; Who the fuck are you; Have you played the fife; ‘cause i’ve rats , in my butt

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8. Love In Formaling

Your heart throbbing; In your; Your body; You are intoxicated by her; Love; Your pressure increases; It makes you giddy; Your emotions stronger; Your sensations more profound; But your love doesn’t re...

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9. Pathologist's Instability

Coolness experience precision brain; Little things that make me a good pathologist; A mysterious sickness has brocken the life of little child; Is my dduty to discover the cause; My instuments blue co...

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10. Scattered Corpse Everywhere

Saturday night finished in blood; Explosion of the body by grave crash; Protruding of internal organs; Splattered blood everywhere; Cerebral matter gush of neuroskull; Fragments of teeth pierced in th...

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11. Your Cat

Too much easy to hide itself behind the crowd; To cover the ass behind the ideal; To howl its own anger to the world; Why don’t you go to howl it with a megaphone in a bank; It unloads the guilt to th...

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12. Your Impaled Mother

I put a pylon in the cunt of your mother; On broke her perineum she screams of pain; I push up the pylon and comes out of the mouth; As she desire she dies happy; I take the chainsaw; I open and mutil...

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