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1. Among The Stars

Don't you want to see how it ends? Gaze the comets that scrape the sky; Close eyes and make a wish? Don't you pray for the stars to fall? Eternally burning chaotic brightness; Further from our galaxy;...

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2. Battle Of North

Morning star has come, darkness reaching the earth; Battles have begun, cold breed of death was all around; Rays of dead sun, swept through the battle ground; Men cry out their pain, cold breeze of de...

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3. Bring Out Your Dead

The end is near, but have no fear; Take a vacation to pits of Hell; First-class flight awaits you all; We fly to Hell via Twilight Zone; The bell tolls noon, the bell tolls doom; So bring out your dea...

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4. Dawn Breaks Behind My Eyes

Dawn breaks behind my eyes; Light revealed a shape; Shape from deep in my eyes; This beast I saw in my dream; This beast has drained my strength; Chained me like a slave; I have lost this battle; Batt...

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5. Flaming Ember

Still I yearn to see chaos and calm in harmony; Arcana that lies beyond the dreams of everblazing skies; And the night fell black upon the ones who yet; Blinded still wander in the mysteries of life; ...

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6. Forest Remains Victor

Now shelter I must find from strong gale about to rise! The Northern lights delight me; sets the darkened skies ablaze; As I slowly make my way over glade; to reach the firwoods rising gates; But savo...

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7. Kings Of Grim

Darkness has for so many years; dwelleth still upon the earth; And by every cycle of moon can be seen; that deeper it has drawn; In tales once told by the Elders; were that this dark time would come; ...

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8. Learn The Dark

Tell me whence will I find the passion once lost? May it rise with strength to burn; away these synthetic sins of mine; away those days by gone... ; For my demons never rest down here; where morbid dr...

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9. Might Of Sword

In morning of mourning men gathered to the fields; March of the death lead this savage race; With might of the sword they slaughtered enemies; Dawn of this cruel day, I see the raging flames arise, Fr...

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10. Morningstar

Ages ago in a region far North; there godly breath roared throughout the earth; Shaped the stones, built mountains high; Invoked forests verdant and oceans wide; Then made rapids to roar across the wi...

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11. So Pale Is The Light

So pale is the light before the dawn; I was standing alone beneath the cross; Veil of the bride, bride of the night; Witnessed weakness of the cross; Bewitched by the beauty of the night; Shadows of t...

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12. The Northern Crown


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13. Turmion Taival

Mä veriset kentät aamunkoissa saavutin; rikin katku peitti löyhkän ruumiin mädänneen; Näin miesten kaatuvan mä tuoksinassa taistelun; kuin koirat he vuosivat Isänmaansa puolesta; Raivoavan hÃ...

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14. Twilight

In twilight I stand beneath the raving skies; I can feel the strength of thunder, in my veins; Blood on my hands, I reach for the skies; With grief and the sorrow I shouted to the skies; Take me my lo...

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15. Wreath Of Seven Stars

From where the eye can see beyond miles; From the top of mountain high; I found it shining on the ground; Blood-red like dragons tear it was; The second by placing spoon on a stump; From magpies nest ...

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