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1. Black Cat

Sleek and shiny, dark and fast; Never let it cross your path; The panic begins, its a battle you'll never win; She'll bait the trap, don't mess with the Black Cat; Superstition isn't true; Could it be...

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2. Desert Island

So much you notice noise; I wanna spend my life on the beach; I'm getting tired, don't get it, shouting; Seems it gets the worst of me; Bridge; I'm on a desert island; In the middle of the sea; I put ...

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3. Floating World

I spend the endless nights looking out the window; My eyes are clouded by the haze; ...There's something out there waiting in the dark; Something I'm too blin to see; I'm gonna take you on a journey, ...

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4. Savage

He is one lier; im watch this; don't go i haunting take; im a savior; we take are you; dont run you can escape; im haunt heats; im haunting for you; you can not wish never cross the; win and thruth; i...

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