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1. Love This Torture

Our exchanges are up in the air so tonight; I’m going to give you something else to sleep on. I can’t ask for more from you. ; Let’s face it love: this torture is dated; And the world is bigger than I...

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2. The Talk

Don’t go. I can’t apologize enough for last night. I know that’s just what I came up with last time. ; With the weight of the night pulling; My head back down to our bed, I can barely lift these thoug...

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3. To Be a Gentleman

No expense spared on; Some drink too much too soon to think. I’ve had full attention with the intention of; Cashing in as I leave with this lass I just might. What’s her name again? And as we walk bac...

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4. Two’s a Laugh

Ceiling, I want to pack up my bags and leave. I need a pep talk to get me out of bed, And a pack of pills to heal this head. I look around and the place is a tip, No I haven’t seen your phone; When’s ...

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