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1. A Case For Life

As you went to sleep tonight; Another notch in the headboard of life; Action, reaction, condition, decision, the easiest way to put an ending to your strife; Consequence burned conscience; delivered a...

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2. Always And Forever

these are the best of times don't leave this all behind we've been through too much just to turn away this bond makes me strong so many of my friends are gone and i know that i won't follow them; I ON...

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3. As One We Stand

we rise to fight. as one we stand tonight. this is, this is our scene. it's what we breathe, it's our reality. you'll never understand the way that we feel. nothing to you but we hold it so dear. to l...

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4. As The Curtain Falls

Dime a dozen for your thoughts; think that for yourself; your mind is a shell allowed to rot. Opinions generate from your latest friends and scenes. Never go against what your friends believe. I heard...

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5. Braille

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Your hardened heart, your prideful thoughts, your selfish life, gouged out your eyes. They see only the road to hell.

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6. Broken Backs

are you still behind those lying eyes. move the fuck on. we don't wanna see your shit. your routine is fucking worthless and we can see through it. i see through your fucking facade. we know that you ...

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7. Foundation

Inside my mind where thoughts reside; my point of view, my life, nothing can change; my fight for what I know is right. I will fall to my knees a humble servant, my spirit is willing but my flesh is w...

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8. Hebron

Given this day, my life as a sacrifice. To the God that reigns forever, I lift my voice, with my mouth I will praise you, for you are worthy to be praised. With my feet I will stand before you, and my...

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9. Human Equality

Complain about everything that we have to say; equality is preached from every band; when your not like us it's okay to change your stand. You wouldn't risk hurting your reputation; to come and talk t...

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10. I do My Crosswords In Pen

Ink bleeds deeper when pressed hard. Soaks through paper and leaves stains on the table. You don't look how I pictured. You don't look quite how I remember. I'll tell myself, "I cannot surround me" bu...

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11. I Hope You Don't Get Raped In Cancun

You know where I'm coming from, when I say what I say. It's not about last night. It's more about the things to come. To lose you to spring breaks, that you view as accepter, but it wounds me to thatt...

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12. Known All Along

i thought i saw it in your eyes i didn't realize. who would've guessed it maybe i should've known all along. how could i miss it. am i so fucking blind. the same way i missed it when i was a child. i'...

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13. My Life, Your Movie

Drill in your face, wasted life, what that means to me. Sectioning your thoughts. Could you show me sometime? With all my words, you could not paralyze. This is not what I'm mesmerized by. Why don't I...

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14. Reconstruction

Supreme being for your tastes. Sufficient void fill idolatry. Search gods, to meet your interests. Boil down to finding the easiest lifestyle. Where there is no sacrifice. Still meet your needs, witho...

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15. Star To Fall

I hear your name whispered on the wind; It's a sound that makes me cry; I hear a song blow again and again; Through my mind and I don't know why; I wish I didn't feel so strong about you; Like happine...

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16. The Call Of Wisdom

Wait there is something I must show you. Step into my brain, my thought give out, let me control you. Your life is putty in my hands. Weak minds, so easy to command. Apathy has made you my slave. No m...

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17. When Beauty Dies

To god of lust, to god of pleasure, now build your sacrificial alter; upon this lying in surrender, murder your innocence. Lost within your lust you feed your hunger. Once your in you're pulled straig...

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