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1. Black Guy

[verse]; The way it's looking; This could be my last track; Police got us ducking like it's aflac; The u. s. looking like it's baghdad; They trying to turn my name into a hash tag; But I won't let em ...

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2. Game Over

[verse]; 5 Here tell em game over; 2017 Takeover; Few steps from a private jet; No more southwest layovers; Touch a mil in my jay jonahs; Future bright like crayola; Alcohol that we sipping now; You d...

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3. Pull Up On Me

[pre-hook]; Damn shorty damn why you always in my face; Gotta take a trip; To the a just to get some space; Like my girls independent; And my liquor with a chase; Got a queen size bed; If you trying t...

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4. Red Cups

[verse 1]; Do or die, it's you or I; Ski mask or a suit and tie, yeah; And I'll never kill myself; But I want the doors suicide; I want my shorty bilingual; Teach me spanish every time I see you; (¿ho...

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5. Shoot Me a Text

[verse]; Drop the pin and I'm pulling up in ten; Same story say that nigga cutting up again; Messing with a hard rock baby you a gem; Gotta know the difference between boys and men; Tell me all of yo ...

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6. Straight Up

[hook]; I had to grind to get my weight up; I can't see you boys cause I'm way up; Told her I don't got no time to lay up; I don't sugar coat shit I tell you straight up; Like you a fuck nigga straigh...

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7. Top Of The World

[intro]; Yeah, shines, on the beat; This shit crazy bruh! Aye, aye, oh, aye! [hook]; Still independent ain't signed to a deal; Rent late again and I'm piled up with bills; I ain't got a mansion or hou...

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8. True Story

[verse]; Me and shines ain't nothing new; We the shit like a number 2; Baby girl talking bout she love the kid; And I let her know I love me too; Only hit me when she wanna screw; And I still gotta co...

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9. Way I Feel

[pre-verse]; Yeah I lost a lot of homies; They ain't even dead; They turn they back to you; When you need a hand; Only money and the fam; I don't need a friend; Cause when it's beneficial; Then they w...

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