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I'm not looking for friends
I don't even remember what the word friend could mean

Nothing ever happened to me
For I was never there
I have no memories
I'm not sure I'm alive
And I hear this voice in me
I hear this voice in me
It's the voice of the world
That's shouting in my head

You are nothing (4x)

Everywhere I go, I feel unwanted
Whatever I do, others do better
That's why I pass through this life
Unseen, detached, unheard
Peaceful, silent and quiet
Being nothing

You are nothing (4x)

Forgive me my impatience
But I'm already gone
I didn't want to be here anyway
I tried in the past, I tried
To show more ambition
I tried in the past, I tried
But always in vain, always in vain

You are nothing (4x)

I am nothing (4x)

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