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1. Boyfriend/girlfriend

[Hook:]; Lately, I Been Thinkin Bout You Goin Crazy, Cant Go On Without U In My Life Its True; Wat U Wanna Do; U Can Be My Boyfriend; I Can Be Your Girlfriend; [Verse 1: Bo Q]; Here There Q-Tip? Ha Wh...

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2. Marrietta Hoe

[Gun Cock]; Marrietta Hoe; Marie; Marie; Marie; Marie; [Chorus x8:] Marrietta Hoe; SUDDEN DEATH!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOOOOOM!!! [Verse 1: Gator]; Marrietta, that's where I live hoe; We bussin' ...

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3. Myspace.freak

[verse 1:]; Chillen at the crib trying to catch a quick skeet, Hop on myspace to find a broad to beat. Heard alot about her so you know i had to see, Then i found out bobby brown and whitney daughter ...

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