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1. False Alarm

Apologies, I've given them all; how much more to pay? Shoot me a glance worth a thousand words; But I've nothing left to say; You can never wipe away the shame; Of atrocities caused in my name; Walk a...

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2. Fashion Victim

We need it, we want it, to make ourself complete; We see it, we love it, tell us what we need; I have it, I am it, satisfaction guaranteed; I love it, I keep it and still there is just greed

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3. Hypocrite

Don't believe in you and me; We're caught in conspiracy; As long as the sirens sing; We will fear everything; We need the words; We speak the words; Of consequent deception; We lick our wounds; But th...

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4. Imperfection

Burning bridge, and kingdoms fall; The strongest shall survive, the winner takes all; Bitter words from narrow minds; Drawing future plans of endless boundry lines; Oh, nothing stays the same; We cann...

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5. Kerosene

Greed burning like kerosene; We need ever more, so much more and still more; Velocity is rising, we have to keep up the pace; We crave, we hunger, we envy; we keep moving on; Nothing can stop us, noth...

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6. Obedience (equilibrium Part 1)

Obey, don't ask; Just do, don't fear; Accept, don't doubt; Believe and shout... ; You know what is best for me; And you will think for me; You will keep the harm away; And I will be just free; Follow ...

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7. Obsolete

Self-induced comas; Hazy memories of the night before; WHere "only one more drink"; Meant many several more; Still life; It paints the scene of alchohol and nicotine; the greatest freinds there's ever...

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8. Pandemonium

A paragon among man; Feeling like a wolf among sheep to be torn; A paragon among gods; Acting like a child still awake late at night; A paragon lost in sleep; Dreaming of a place where his mind can be...

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9. Sin Society

We're so eager to make this place like hell; We're so genious to enslave this world so well; The scourge of man and Babylon's whore; There's no need for a scapegoat anymore; We crave for oil, land mon...

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10. The Phoenix Complex (equilibrium Part 2)

We are free; Can you feel it; Do you see; We did it; We are home; In freedom; We are reborn; As the Phoenix

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