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1. As The World Turns

[C-Bo]; I hits em up with a two finger; Out the roof of a regal; And combat fool; I m knowing to pack a; Desterin egal; Niggas know the rules; Under pressure from pete wilson; And all these new laws; ...

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2. Bald Head Nut

"Get down, get down"; My AK is puttin in much work; Poppin the clip a little voice in my head said "Murder"; Stuck the tip out the window and fucked em all; Took they ass to the ho like basketball; Hi...

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3. Born Killaz

[Verse 1: The Jacka]; I'm thugged out enough to beat your fucking ass right now; I'll make your best rap wack with a rap right now; Cuz I'm the jacka the calidod pack the yay sacker; Tell your bitch t...

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4. Enemy Of State

Tell me why you're always talking on the fuckin phone man; Never put the phone down your always on the phone man; [C-Bo] Yea let's get this money though my nigga; Ahh man fucking on us man fucking on ...

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5. Gas Chambler

(Verse1); It's time to drop the gas from the chamber; Niggas on AWOL rearrange your; Face with the quickness; And it's the Garden Block sickness that got a nigga in this shit; So you better watch your...

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6. Get The Money

[Verse 1]; We getting money got the getting money; My nigga from Rap a Lot get the money; Nigga from tha row get the money; Stick wid it niggas is get the money; Westcoast mafia; I gave the gangbangin...

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7. Ghetto Flight

[C-Bo]; It's 1994, gang-bangin' done played out; But I still stay strapped cause I don't wanna get played out; On the concrete with internal bleedin'; Moms at my hand screamin': 'Bo, don't leave me!';...

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8. No Pain, No Gain

Now it's on, flip me at '7-8 Coupe; Reds, hydraulics, duece, representin the do; and you can trip if ya wanna, but, boy, you be's a goner; Leavin bloody footprints from Sacramento to Palmona; I'm a do...

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9. Ride Til' We Die

And we be blastin smashin for the loot; I empty my strap and then I dash to my Coupe; Ain't no half steppin it's West Coast til I die; Keepin the bundle and never fumble my 4 5; With only one life to ...

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10. Spray Yourself

[Yukmouth]; THUGG LORD !!!!!!! Salute! Whut bitch, aiight, AIIGHT! We got a bitch ass nigga in our presence; A fucking imposter; Get yo ass up nigga; Whats up nigga; You ain't no mothafuckin made man;...

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11. Tycoon

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; OhhhhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh; [Verse 1: C-Bo]; Now see I be the man with all the plans; Trips and personal leer jets across the land; See me in bently in fr...

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