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1. Keep Movin'

Chorus:; I gotta keep movin´, up and down this life; I gotta keep movin´, leave the past behind; And do all it should be done, to live my life and have some fun; Life is how you make it, so take it; R...

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2. So Strung Out

Ok here it comes; It start from the begin and it takes you two to yeking; For paranoia is all around you; like someone it 's watching u; And it 's stil snowing through your blood vein; Then you fall D...

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3. Time Is Tickin' Away

Intro; Ahaha ahaha; keep it on, keep it on; keep your head on; time is tickin’, time is tickin’; tickin’ away; uhhohuho; Rap 1; Let’s talk about time; tickin’ away every day; so wake on up before it’s...

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