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1. Angels Of Evil

We are the soldiers of darkness, We're the angels of evil, A shadow under our wings, The earth will never be worm; Death... ; In the soul there is anger, In the decayed wound there's pain; Do not do g...

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2. Black Rain

I will draw the love on the wall; On the flowers there is no dew, only drops of tears; The grass is not green, it is all black. Red and yellow leaf in my hands. ; Oh! God! In heavens; Black rain on th...

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3. Break The Heavens

Do not throw yourself, push; Fall into the abyss of fear; The night excites, Your dreams; The dream will pass and you insurgent; Dirty help, you are followed by; The filth, there is no life. ; In dark...

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4. Coffin For Happiness

Sword in a breast; Fear and horror; From inside; Corrode your flesh; Worm of doubts; Will drink your blood; Down to the hell the day is rotting; In the throat the metal is heated; You are not like oth...

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5. Kill Yourself

You have killed yourself; What for you have made it; You regard life in a detouched spirit; But you can't change anything; What a noise in your head; What there was, an instant of death; The howd stre...

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6. My Hero

They look at you, my hero; They want you; Clench your fists; It's your ticket home; Don't look back, run; Carrying everything before it; It's the chance; not to fall in mud; kill into the rest; The dr...

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7. Outcast

You are outcast, nobody needs you; A person passing by will not stech you a hand; A scream for help - into the space; The life into the space; You are outcast, you are not need anymore; Everyday drivi...

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8. Storm In Your Brains

The long way of the road, maker of the evil, Take away my hearing and nose, blind my eyes. Not to feel the space, dipping into the night; To freeze in a stuper, waiting for virgin soil. ; Rapid passag...

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9. Tomorrow Will Never Come

Lift your eyes to heaven, You'll see a rainbow, Smile, it is your last day; The world of shadows is waiting for you; Tomorrow will never come; You can not prevent anybody any more; Your look is sad an...

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