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1. A Matter Of Honor

A tear from a boy. Will he be proud to wave the flag one day? (Symbolism can't convey); A mother cries. Will she be able to fill her needs? (Patriotism cannot feed); ; Break through the shelter; Of a ...

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2. A New Hope

A boy alone in his mind he looks to the sky. His home, the desert, this life to him a lie. Not knowing tomorrow, or what he will face, Led by a droid across the Jundland waste!! ; A wizard old man, a ...

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3. Art Of Sin

Too much time, too many eyes. Too many promises, too many cries. Too much fear and aggravation. Art of sin at their dictation. Souls in pain own eyes in lust. Rotting minds die without trust. They try...

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4. Beyond Innsanity

Can you take the pain away? Could you dry my eyes? (Take away the lies); Watch my life drift away. You can't finalize. (Fail to compromise); All the life you've given me. You can't take away. Victim o...

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5. Disease

Innocence, I began, youth my direction. Ignorance, love in my heart, no detection. Tried to explore, dying for more. Life, death, please mother let me begin. ; I closed my eyes, everything a lie. Rebe...

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6. Do Or do Not

Pull from the force of life. Will we ever find our way? In this game of impossibility? In this game we stay. We will find our way. ; Mother gives the birth. The earth will breathe the death. Try not d...

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7. Medicine Man (L.O.G.R.A.Y)

A dream was born one day long ago. One man's fight for equality. Through his eyes the teachings of a saint. One man's fight against supremacy. Never to this day, Have his people seen his way. If they ...

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8. Tentando Me Dizer

Na escuridão, vi seu belo rosto, querendo me dizer, algo que não sei. ; Mas me intriguei, pelo seu olhar, tentando me falar algo. ; O que sera? Que você tenta me falar. ; Por que na escuridao, vi seu ...

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9. Trouble

Looking out my window, I see Hell. Looking out my window, I see you. Staring through my door, I see Hell. Burning in the flames, I see you. ; Trouble my mind. Trouble my soul. Trouble in the youth. Bu...

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10. Winds

God bless the child who has his own. But all creation isn't carved in stone. People are blind and they can't decide. Path of destruction leads to mindless suicide.. Mother looks but she'll never see, ...

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