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1. 100 Reasons

Never thought I'd see your face again; Haven't holla'd at 'cha boy since way back when; We got some catching up to do; And you look a little different too; Trying to figure out, girl, how you've been;...

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2. Call Me

I see you with your man, but girl; Is he focused on you; 'Cuz he has wandering eyes; You say he's Mr. Right, now; Why you askin' friends; For the answers to the questions, why; He treat you like do; A...

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3. So Loved

It just don't seem right; That you should alone tonight; I wish I was there to help you be strong; 'Cuz you were so in love; Now there's more to think of; There's a new life; You're having his child; ...

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4. What Love's About

Sometimes I cry; When it becomes in, babe; Most things I buy; Be the truth, babe; I know we've been together a while; And if you act right; Girl, you just might; Find what love is about; (CHORUS); You...

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