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1. An Eternity Of Despair

Mortal destruction; Vortex kaos; Through the abyss i fall; Demonix blasphemous chants; Invoking immortal suffering; Leviathan consume by soul; Emptiness reign eternal; Genocidal visions curse me; Unho...

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2. Dark Carnal Witchery

Forces of emptiness summon; brethren of the baphomet; gathered before the altar of flesh; raising goat horns to death; Black candles alfame; in the chambes of divine darkness; wielding medievil weapon...

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3. Flames Of Vengeance

Dark energy empower me; nocturnal ritualised blasphemy; ascend into the night void; under the revered moonlight; Exalt thy cult; A dark desire to writhe within gehenna; sinister markings burn the fles...

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4. In Nightfall I Reign

By blackest nefarious will possessed; supreme elite destruction; In nightfall i reign; prophet of perpetual nazarene cruxifixion; compelled by the demon entities; aroused by the scent of the meek; Bar...

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5. Undying Militance

Blackened dead skies enshroud; the dominion of unholy war; the flesh of self betrayal; drench the fields of mars in blood; strength of thy will; crushes the weak eternally

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