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1. Abstrakt Algebra

In a place called the Ozone; The two rooms divided, I was never there; Are the vectors depending? Release the suite, meet the hyperplane; Longitude and latitude, may the two never meet; Make a circle ...

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2. April Clouds

I died again this morning; In a womb as grey as rain; No solice, no pity; I grasp the abyss of pain; In blood I pain; To release from this shell of dirt; Mortal expressions, vivid but so faint; Stroke...

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3. Bitterroot

El jefe, humanitary god; Erazor, subtle nature love; Zodiac bloodmate, extends the pleasure of pain; Spit out then chew, fly ugly fly fly; Delirium, aphrodisiac trash; Inner sanctum, oh mandrake man; ...

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4. Nameless

These massive stones so nameless; Bereaving and relentless; Their silence is shrouded in darkness; Impenetrable; A beacon to extinct stars; From Isis to Cernunnos; Unattainable recesses; Speak to me; ...

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5. Shadowplay

Dancing figures of smoke and light; The jester’s sardonic parade; Mannequin puppet your limping waltz; On my bedroom wall; Keep pretending, keep performing; The dreamer must stay awake; Shapeless ridd...

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6. Stigmata

Like a ton of bricks; The ultimate fix; In this 'shangri-la'; I'm the human crucifix; Brutalized penetration; Nine inch salvation; The ecclestical thrill; Instant life refill; Pandemonic pain; Relatio...

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7. Vanishing Man

A man among others, a face in the crowd; Whose feet you step on, whose name you don’t know; Shifting in the neverending scale of grey; Silent and discreet, an empty sheet; The picture of conformity, a...

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8. Who What Where When

Stormcloud intrution, warning you by-passed the system; Stretched, overloaded, the files of the co-ordinated mantra; I sanction the urge to fulfill the psychological self; Formaldehyde euphoria, coma ...

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