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1. Abrasax

Our cult is eternal; We sworn our legiance to; The horned uppergod; We are immortal; Abrasax hail our cult; Abrasax hail our lord; Sworn to secrecy; When you join us in the black; There is no turning ...

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2. De Galmende Klokke

wanneer den mist doemt over de velden; hoor ik in de verte een macaber geluid; tis de stormklokke die luidt; snel haast ik mij naar min erf; ik zie de rookpluim al; den roden haan kraait al op min hus...

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3. Kuranes, Long Forgotten Ceremonies

will mankind ever know; how powerful I once was? children slaughtered... in my honour; 1000 witches, sodomising... for me... ; uncountable plagues and sufferings I send; onto those who were not faitfu...

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4. Vengeance Of A Burnt Warlock

When the cows of the peasants choke; When young children never returned from the dark woods; When future mothers gave birth to a dead baby; REMEMBER ME! I was the innocent victim; my only crime was no...

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