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1. Bleeding Hearts

Why don't you lay down my darling? You look as if you're at wits end; Sip this, i made it especially, my decomposing friend; Oh how your eyes respond fondly, as your larynx dissolves apart; Vapour emi...

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2. Deprived Of Afterlife

No more breath, still in death. Plush satin walls surround my home. It's cold down here beneath your life, no sight, no sound, alone. The horrid stench of rotting flesh, lingers in my head. Embalming ...

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3. Flesh Furnace

Roasts his parents as they sleep, a ghastly human pyre; Who'd suspect a little boy that shouldn't play with fire? Firmly tied down to the bed, sprawled across the mattress; Doused in petrol, pleads of...

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4. Grave Ideals (nekromaniak)

I'm in love with death- I Live for it. I die for it; Your life! Is mine to take away. I'm here for the kill- I smell it. I taste it; I'll masturbate! All over your shallow grave. The night is when I'l...

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5. Humble Abode

Fear, you will fear me. Ripped, I'll see you bleed; Fall, onto your knees. Pray to be freed. You'll soon become a part of us. Endure such pain again, and more. Barbs of rust tear at your flesh. Can't ...

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6. Invocation

Long has thou dwelt in darkness-; Incarcerated, bitter, alone. A ghoulish shade of decay, the merciful earth should always hide. ; Repeat; Freedom shall be yours though master, for soon the rite shall...

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7. Misfortune

Like cattle to the slaughter, he lures them to their death; Morbid thoughts fill twisted mind, a crave for tearing flesh. Friendly face, a lollipop. He traps them after school; Flat-chested, pretty si...

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8. Plague

Driven by an unknown force, awakened from eternal sleep; Dried up eyes snap open wide as hunger starts to creep; Deflated hearts begin to pump, sunken chests begin to rise; Crypts and tombs around the...

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9. Pleasures

Stalking - your home seems so secure; Waiting - until the time is right; I see the light in your daughters room; I want to taste her fear and I want to rip her flesh; The time has come for me to enter...

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10. Spiritual Justice

Waiting to die, waiting to die. The lonely horror of this concrete hell. Eating my last supper, I recall the lives I've swallowed. Priests and guards now at my room, cold and heartless stares. My thro...

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11. Stargazer

Darkened necropolis, midnight sharp, nobody else will see. A six foot dig, open the casket, there she; waits for me. Her lifeless body, cracks and splinters, as I start to raise her. In eagerness I ca...

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12. Stargazing (Stargazer II)

Consigned to the tomb, to sleep, to dream forever. Rotting... dissolving in my grave clothes, my; Flesh turns to soup. A distant thud, as a shovel parts the earth. ; By moon lit night, a looming shado...

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13. The Germ Factory

Uniformed psychotics, the perfect military cover; Acts of malicious murder, supposed laboratory tests; War pawn wheeled on a trolley of steel, primitive future seen through crucified eyes; Screams of ...

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14. Waste

Trying to breathe, gasping for air; Each breath shot, with needles of pain; The darkness is creeping, your vision is blurring; Jaws of death clamping tight on your life; Withering flesh, leathery and ...

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15. Your Casualty

Let me be your casualty; I loathe this world so set me free; This is not the place I want to be; Let me be your casualty; Your unbalanced brain can have it's way; To do all the horrid things I say; I ...

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