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1. Broken Wings

Broken Wings; One time I loved only to be broken; Then you came along with soft words spoken; I wanted to love you I wanted to care; And deep in my heart I needed you there. ; Chorus:; As I sail along...

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2. Forsaken Wound

Forsaken Wound; The cut expands; My muscles flex; A drop, then another; Soon I am surrounded; By a puddle of red smear; I look around-silence; No one is home-I'm all alone; Chorus:; The Wound is open,...

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3. The Day Reality Hit

The Day reality hit; The car up ahead is slowing down; I hear a noise and see a light; I don't understand the screaming thru the night; I hear a cry and then all is quiet; I never shall understand the...

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4. The Love Of My Life

As days go by I think of you; I need you here with me; I feel you all around me as I; Stumble in the dark of my heart; As I try to grasp your heart in my hand; I fall away from you. ; Chorus:; I want ...

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