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1. A Better Place

You thought the worst is over, But the worst is yet to come. So don't leave me while I'm here, You won't forget me while I'm gone. ; We lost our ways again, back to the end. ; Locked in my head for 20...

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2. Coming Home

Baby i'm coming home, don't ask me where i've been; This road has been so long sometimes i feel i can't go on; She say's, "hey boy honey, don't make me wait"; I said, "girl don't worry, i won't be lat...

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3. Pray For Me

The warm breeze, Another day, I feel the sun above my head, I ask god, "Why am I here and where is all the end?"; He smiles back and tells me, "Son don't you know you're on your own and where you go i...

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4. Resolve To Fight

Sometimes I sit and ponder; Of all the fucked up things in my life; Can't make them go away; And I'd be afraid; (Yeah Ha! Alright!); I'll let you know how I could not survive; I finish up and walk rig...

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5. Six Strings

Johnny walked right in they said, "Hey boy what you think you're doing?"; He looked at the sign; "No shoes, no service, no shoes?" Fuck that; Three cigs left to his pack, he's got a goddamn monkey on ...

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6. Surround Me

And when they all surround me, I will not fall to my knees, They'll take the last breath from me... A cold comfort wraps around me. ; Cell doors crash my life's a story. One year down what more can I ...

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7. This Is You

I'm sleeping through nightmares; Awake in dreams I've never had; It feels like home; but not quite the same; And voices they scream to me; And tell me where I should belong; And I close my eyes; I wis...

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8. Too Late

Sober up and feel the sun, Deny the things I know I've done. Summer's here to clear the sky, With open eyes tonight I see the sun. I wish I never did, I wish you could have known. And realize the mirr...

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