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1. Constrói e Destrói

Há sempre alguém seguindo uma seta; Há sempre alguém loteando a terra; Há sempre alguém apagando as brechas; Há sempre alguém tomando as decisões certas; Constrói e destrói; A ilusão está sendo retran...

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2. Down Screams

I walk in the dirty every day; And I feel like I piece of disgrace; A broken-hearted man put the gun in your head; How many clicks to understand? I don't need your hot boys; I don't care about any dru...

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3. Hey You

Hey you will see as it makes; Hey you I don't like your fucking fake; Hey you you're an cursed person; I'm seeing the holy shit that you are doing; Go ahead, take advantage; Try sell your soul; Get mo...

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4. Industrial Village Lover

There's a place in this town; A different place from the others; The houses are grey; And neighbourhod speaks loud; There's a place where I loved her; Six in the morning, I come back to home; Industri...

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