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1. Dead'd

It winds and turns, It will make you sick to your stomach, Mean while the binds that hold you down; Release you to a small quiet town. Watch the world go by, Watch the world go by. Watch the world go ...

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2. Mugger Music

Oh well is this what you wanted? Wanted. All these times we had to put... You in the back of our heads; Hoping to straighten its self out; Well, it never did. Did. ; We did this for ourselves; So we c...

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3. Travale

Reborn; In a world that fell apart; Rebuilt; By the hands of the few; This song may be; Dumb and naive, But it wont change the outcome; Of the lost; And the outlawed. Lets get this show on the road. C...

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4. You Don't Wanna Know

Oh. This one it stings like hell; More than ever be, More than ever before. Well, I gave it my all; But it led to; It led to; It did; My downfall, My downfall. This is all I've wanted; All I needed; I...

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