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1. Break

Feels like this, when I’m lying; Lego man, without eyes; Record shop, [...] street watch; Cheer him up anymore; I don’t lie, my life; Feel depressed when I’m laughing; And my friend, my own head; Seem...

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2. Fulmot

[Woman singing]; Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight; I'm getting mad love, I'm snuggling hugs; Druggling thugs, smuggling drugs, juggling jobs, guzzling jugs; So here's a toast to federal che...

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3. Lavatory Lama

‘Cause of you; I laid in my bed staring at you; Watching when you [...] off; Well, yeah I’ll try; To work things out; To turn around; But if you won’t care; Then I won’t care; And if you won’t mind; T...

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4. Motorcar

It has happened now; The thing that you swore that you’d never do; It has happened now; And it’s him again; And pop, you are down on your back again; Everytime she comes around; She knocks you down an...

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5. The Drewling Baby

I cut myself today; I really don’t know how; It wouldn’t hurt that much; If I knew just how; I’m really calm this morning; But it still hurts a lot; Picked it in my mind; I never saw this other way; L...

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6. The Vibes

It’s been in [...] of mind; Who wave at [...]; How could I ever let it come; Ever let it come to this; Never hold onto a [...]; Swimming on in life; Guess it’s like I’ve been told; Everything goes rou...

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