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1. Cross My Mind

I know I haven't been perfect; But give it some time; There's not a single day goes by; Where you don't cross my mind; And we spend our lives; Looking for things we can't find; Oh, but not a single da...

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2. Don't Leave

They say it's the darkest right before the dawn; But I know there's no morning; There's no sunshine if you're gone; By now, you're probably tired of chasing all my storms; But don't put out your fire,...

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3. Find Someone

Knew that it was wrong the first night I met you; When I sneaked back into bed and you said, "I love you"; Up in this house, blood runs cold; Secret codes, are all we know; We gotta tear it all down, ...

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4. Freaking Out

Lately, right now I feel like it's all over; 'Cause I've been trapped inside my head for so long; I'm sorry, I should've called when I was sober; But some days I get scared to be alone; I, I'm blackin...

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5. I Was Wrong (Robin Schulz remix)

Oh I can see the doubt in those eyes; Even though you try to hide it; There's not much to figure out; 'Cause I know why; And I won't try to fight it, try to fight it; And I'll be the first to tell you...

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6. Let Me Know

Don't go; I'm looking at you, you're looking at your phone; No, I can't read your mind when you keep it inside; But it's been so damn hard on my own; If you love me, love me, love me, love me, let me ...

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7. Nostalgic

Ok, fine maybe I'm just a little nostalgic; 'Cause the memories are flooding my mind; Baby I can't stop iti know I said I wouldn't call; But I'm breaking my promise; 'Cause the memories are flooding m...

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8. Problems

Sometimes I can't tell if anybody even really likes me; I shouldn't care, but I still do and that's a little frightening; Maybe it's all in my head, maybe it's me instead; I shoulda stayed inside, I n...

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9. Running

Oh we'd rather live a lie, live a lie; Then face all the heartache; So we live in the warm summer nights; And sleep through the dark days; Does it even really matter; Don't even want to get better; Ca...

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10. Still Alive

When all is fine; You say, "Sooner or later, you're bound to catch one"; But I was born in fire; Oh, I'll be ready, ready, ready when it comes; Oh, oh, I've been kicked around; I've been in the dust, ...

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11. Summer Days

She know she got it; Parties with her friends; And she goes out on fancy dates; She hides it; But there's another girl behind the diamonds and champagne; Tonight she's downtown; Cause all her uptown b...

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12. Trouble

I've been working on a bad reputation; I've been breaking lots of broken hearts; I've been blowing all my money; I've been waking up and washing off my credit cards; Moving too fast now, can't slow do...

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13. Where I Wanna Be

I built my luck like a castle in the sand; And when it comes down; It comes tumbling to the ground; And when she speaks, it's a dangerous fantasy; Set me free to where I wanna be; She set me free wher...

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14. Where You Are

If walls could talk; Then this whole house could tell you a thousand stories; Of all those nights; That I was ready to get up and just leave it all behind for you; Oh, it's not fair; That all the star...

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