A Love Ends Suicide

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1. Amadeus

You're yet to find your way back home tonight; Were simply dying down in this place we once called home; Every moment with you is so precious; It seems to me that your chance has fallen; I hope to see...

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2. Another Revolution

Many lessons learned Take this with everything you’ve got Think twice to change your mind Breathe in and open up your eyes; Revelation is what you’ve got to fear when time takes over Revelation and we...

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3. Cold Summer

Were upon the burn; The shadows of summer; They bring us back in florescent light; Burned with the crowd; Breathe, give or take of what we have; Take a step towards or away; No in between, theres no I...

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4. Dyng To Be Beautifull

Willing to sacrifice a love once given but not shared living in remorse; On better days she threw stones; Emotions hardly breathe; These love birds don't share the sky; Two eyes were not enough; But j...

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5. Heroes Of Faith

Its been eight years in this disaster; Ill break the grip of the demons that held me so long; To many memories have never past me by so fast; Lives will never be the same in this tragedy; Tonight we s...

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6. Lets Spark To Fire

They broke down voices with kisses on through the night; It was a cycle to and from a distance; To spark a fire we once ignited, we once engaged; One, Two, Three, I count out loud; To figure out what ...

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7. Of Day Dream And Fantasy

This brings me further from the light; This angry field of soldiers that march in pairs; My heart still beats faster lets synchronize each movement; With every chance we have; Stand towards your enemy...

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8. Romance Creates Killers

Yeah here we go; I know I said this once before; It takes one bullet to hit the floor; And make wrong things right; I remember yesterday; Falling through the broken glass; I tried and tried and tried ...

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9. Skate Junction

Were not blood at heart; Were simply victims of unbarring growth; Why souls die we'll never know; Time sets to memorize this moment that turns to ink; Let's face the truth lets not pretend; Were dying...

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10. The Black Art

Not the same person as before; With a different face to move along; And make it through each day; Until the black night sky; Don't let me hear your voices; They keep me going on; So don't you run this...

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