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1. A Dreamers Song

Do you care about yourselves? You never ever, gave us a chance; and all the magic we used to show; is long time gone, we are where we belong; and that's what's keeping us strong; We're dreaming on; We...

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2. Brick By Brick

I see the look in every mans' eye; no sight of joy, no satisfied minds; I don't forget what you people have done; and I won't respect what side you're on; -"Don't blame me"; So, you're not a brick tha...

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3. Like A Falling Star

How many people is really bad to the bone? A departure for a riot that has never been shown; Monday morning is hear and i've got nothing to do; Just sitting around and wait for the sky to turn blue; M...

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4. Lucid Dream

I got lost in my own mind; I could not see, I could not find; The answer to the question I can't leave behind; well, I guess I'm just one of a kind; I'm so fed up with all theese people who; does noth...

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5. Post-modern Pornography

She said:; -"Come with me to this party, dance with me; I'm so zappy. Fuck me, happy; Oh, I did it again!"; He said:; -"Come with me to this party, drink with me; I'm so randy. Got my candy; ten whole...

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6. Queen Of Hearts

She follows the crowd; to a place of her own; people with wine; and taste as her own; when people are grown; feelings aren't shown; that's why we're here; and you're not alone; Minds are what you shou...

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