A Call to Sincerity

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1. A Misunderstanding

We have found in ourselves a reason to give it all back; Take a look deep down inside us; A treasure is hidden there; This is to the cold blooded and the ever blamed; Cause we are nothing but pawns lo...

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2. At The Edge Of

If you're going this way you're gonna be downed; I'm holding your hand but it means no safety; Where's your pride in all this? You're crawling away from everything you can't face; Running to hide your...

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3. Crimson Pages

I used to be blinded by your grin; I used to be deaf to the truest speaks; For far too long you hid me from the dawn; To keep me so fucking cold; You imposed to me to endure your grief; You made all t...

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4. Deceiver

Now I can say that; I know the game you play; As the pretty face you hide beneath; From your eyes and your misleading lips; To the thick limb stuck between your teeth; You can't prevent yourself to sp...

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5. Get Out Alive

And now it comes to this; Taking it all back to a new beginning; This is the final step to cross the line we've been drawing; Our hands baring the shapes of ink; Our eyes staring at unseen places; Now...

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6. Mayhem

Strikes! You won't see my back; Ready to shed all the blood I've got; Let's hold back all the laughs; Falling through the cracks; I am fighting with guts for no glory; Seeing the chair, kicked under y...

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7. Our World

I've never had apathy for you; You need to know what I've always thought; I've always been here for you (here for you); Welcoming tears with my arms open; So consider this as my apology; Yet I'm talki...

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8. Walking Straight Across Bad Omens

Now it's time to set things clearly; We need to stop talking in tongues; Yet I won't speak without reliefs; Untill you believe me; There is no more second thoughts; Let's say what's left unsaid; I was...

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